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Serving government agencies with a full range of IT related services and solutions

Havilah Group LLC is a private owned small business created to focus on excellence in providing consistently reliable services to Federal, State, and Local Government Entities.
We provide relied upon support services and solutions that allow our customers to gain visibility, efficiencies, improve performance, meet their stakeholders’ needs all while meeting the budget contraints confronting government agencies today.

Service Offerings

  • Project/Program/Portfolio Management Services
  • Technology & Security Support Services
  • Financial Services
  • Training Services
  • Recruiting/Staffing Services

About Us

Havilah Group LLC is a private-owned company, formed to focus on excellence in providing consistently reliable support services to Federal, State, and Local Government entities. The executives of Havilah bring over 10 years of experience in management, financial, and legal disciplines providing the leadership required for excellence in delivery to our customers. Our senior advisory board provides vast Government and industry experience and assists Havilah leadership in the formulation and execution of our strategic vision.

Corporate Philosophy

The owner and executive management of Havilah have a simple, yet highly effective basic corporate philosophy: Always stay focused on meeting our customers’ requirements while also respecting our employees’ needs for a healthy work/life balance that fosters employee loyalty and longevity as team members of our firm.

Customer Focus

When our customers hand us the ball, we do not drop it. We may hand it off internally within Havilah as we move toward the goal, but we will not drop it and if we say we will meet a goal, then it will be met.


Clear communication is another cornerstone of Havilah’s success. The professionals at Havilah go to great lengths to ensure that information regarding the work not only is flowing to the right people at the right times, but also that the information is validated and reliable to help eliminate expensive and costly delays due to misinformation.

Service Oriented

Havilah employees will ensure that while we are serving you as our customer, our goal is to continually exceed your expectations.


When it comes to quality, Havilah has pioneered the 3 ✔ (Triple check) methodology to ensure that our clients are getting the highest quality products and services possible. The first quality check is conducted by the professional doing the work. The second quality check is conducted by a peer of the professional doing the work. The third quality check is conducted by our Program Manager to ensure the delivery of exceptional products and services for which Havilah has become known. Our 3 ✔ quality methodology permeates all of Havilah’s work activities and is part of the company’s culture.

HGL Service Offerings

Project/Program/Portfolio Management Service

Havilah provides expertise not only with the services we provide in this area but also with the Project Management Information System (PMIS) expertise we bring to bear. Whether they are toolsets such as Primavera or Microsoft Project Server, we are able to provide total project/program/portfolio management solutions that go beyond merely providing labor services in this discipline.

Service Offerings

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management

Technology & Security Support Services

Service Offerings

  • IT Agency Architecture Support Services
  • Web Development/Content Management
  • IT Requirements Analysis/Management
  • IT Infrastructure Support Services
  • Project Management Information System (PMIS) Services
  • FedRAMP Security Consulting Services
  • Cybersecurity Training

Financial Services
Federal Financial ForensicsTM

Havilah has created a unique methodology that allows Federal managers to understand at a glance, at any point in time, expenditures against their budgets and where funds are being spent. It is not a simple task to navigate the typical multiple systems that provide government agencies with information regarding the procurement of goods and services. Havilah accomplishes the forensics to get the details of procuring goods and services linked together and summarized for Federal managers to view the workflow of these critical activities that support their mission and goals. 

Service Offerings

  • Budget analysis budget formulation, funding approvals, tracking of actual expenditures to budgets, forecasting of future funding requirements
  • Cross entity mapping of funding required, authorized, obligated and expended
  • Documenting and reporting the flow of contract funding from funding requests through to actual expenditures
  • Vendor invoice reconciliation and tracking against contractor funding

Recruiting/Staffing Services

Havilah has revolutionized the recruiting/staffing services business for our clients with our “Pay as you go” methodology option using the best recruiters in the industry. We create a partnership with our clients and allows payment over a period of time to ease cash flow concerns.

Service Offerings

  • Professional Recruiting
  • Staffing

Contact Us

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Havilah attracts and retains the best professional talent in the industry to provide quality services to our government agency clients. We foster a professional work atmosphere that is both challenging and rewarding.

If you are interested in submitting your resume, please email:

Havilah is always looking for top notch talent in the following areas:

  • Project/Program/Portfolio Management
  • Software/Systems Development
  • Financial Analysis/Budget Support
  • IT Service Management/ITIL
  • Process Improvement
  • Cyber Security
  • Oracle Database Administration
Havilah Group LLC