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About Us

We at Havilah formulate objectives identified by timelines to sustain our viability as a vibrant and zealous company. We have put in place a number of policies designed to drive our objectives to their rightful conclusion. These policies address the issues of business ethics, gender equality, equal opportunity, sensitivity to the economic environment and more. We are also an agile company offering tremendous flexibility in our approach; adapting our business model to clients’ needs, working hand in hand with our clients to grow their business and people.

Over the years, Havilah has been providing IT services to the global workforce from several Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide.

The Havilah Team

Data security


At havilah group, We do not not just pride on our promises to provide awesome services but also in our past performance which evidently speaks of our professionalism and customer satisfaction,

Ben Ola
This company is a true definition of competence. They team are very good at what they do and never exceed timeline .
Oleb Enterprise
word can barely show how happy i am working with you guys . The team took my job so personal that it almost feel as if i we were just a team. Thanks
Skillsquared INC
we hired this company for data management and they over delivered even beyond my expectation..
Emjay Global
It will be my outermost pleasure to recommend havilah group to friends and associate as their knowledge and diligence stands out amidst crowd.. good job guys

Why Choose Us?

Customer Satisfaction
We pride in customer satisfaction so at Havilah if you are not satisfied we are not done.
We offer 24/7 customer support. ensuring that your business run smoothly and data are always available when queried
Time Sensitivity
At havilah we understand how important time and deadline is in business and we ensure that all project is delivered on or before deadlines.
Upward Trend
With Havilah you can be guaranteed of ease and upward trend in your business


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